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About airsoft

AIRSOFT - tactical team war-game featuring maximum resemblance to the combat actions. This is a new progressive kind of sports and recreational activity making the blood run faster and stimulating discharge of accumulated negative emotions. Our captivating game includes AIRSOFT weapons called the soft pneumatics and shooting 6 mm balls. Something similar to paint-ball (occasionally – to laser tag) with the difference that AIRSOFT balls are of just 6 mm diameter and leave no paint stains. Furthermore, weapon models for AIRSOFT are the same as real machine-gun models, rifles and pistols. Regardless of the fact that playing of AIRSOFT is possible practically in any outfit, enthusiasts of this game prefer military uniform. Mostly they merge in groups of AIRSOFT teams with clear hierarchy (commander – officer – privates) and military discipline. All this makes AIRSOFT exceptionally attractive for enthusiasts of military environment and for those, who are not indifferent to words «tactics» and «strategy».

Just as any hobby with relatively long history AIRSOFT is very diverse. Depending on format (training, sports tournament, military competition or high manoeuvres) this game can played both on small city squares, and in huge suburban ranges. Game can be run with equal success for 10 or 1000 people. There are simple, as well as linear tasks and multi-phased scenarios including convoys, supply and wound systems.

Topics that the AIRSOFT games are run according to are as varied. They include military conflicts and alternative history and stories from movies and books. Regardless of the fact that mostly AIRSOFT game is intended for confrontation of prepared teams in unified uniforms with their own accessories and firearms, there are also other versions of participation.

We wish you breath-taking and exciting game!